The Original Colorforms Set


You are probably very familiar with Colorforms featuring your favorite cartoon characters, but that is not how Colorforms started out. The original Colorforms box sets began appearing in the 1950s and featured bright shapes and “modern” basic designs. Only later was the series expanded to include cartoon character sets. Happily the original Colorforms Set is available again in all of its retro glory. I was able to play with one of these classic sets this past holiday season and I would just like to say, who needs Star Wars or the Smurfs when you have triangles?

The Original Colorforms Set via Amazon


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2 thoughts on “The Original Colorforms Set

  1. Colorforms were great. I also liked the ones where you scratched them off with a pencil..but they didn’t come up, they were permanent

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Action Transfers, Panorama and Letraset, among others.

    These were so exciting to get as a child.
    I have a bookmarked site with many scans of what seems to be every scratchy set ever made (probably not).

    The colorforms were lotsa fun too, as one could stick the peelers onto most any surface for some instant, non-messy artistic expression.
    What was truly exciting about the colorforms was the sheer amount of various titles and themes and then, once you got one, you found out if the pieces were only good for one depicted scene or good enough to have options.
    Options were always nice.

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