The Atari Puzzler 003

The Atari Puzzler is back this week and hopefully a little easier. I attempted to keep it pretty mainstream, while we all sharpen our 2600 skills.

Good luck.

atari puzzler 003

Oh and the answers to last week’s Atari Puzzler: 1. Superman 2. Mouse Trap 3. Junior Pac Man 4. Haunted House 5. Centipede 6. Carnival 7. Canyon Bomber or Air-Sea Battle aka Target Fun


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7 thoughts on “The Atari Puzzler 003

  1. Let me see here…

    1) Adventure (1980)
    2) Asteroids (1981)
    3) Basketball (1978)
    I just don’t know what #4 is.
    5) Sky Diver (1978)
    6) Stampede (1981)
    7) Vanguard (1982)

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    It is Enduro, from 1983. Kinda looks like a tank.
    Now *that* would make an interesting race.
    All Activision games back then were like the next-gen of the VCS.

    That first picture is not my good side, btw.
    I look better with the sword.
    More swashbuckley, less locksmith.

  3. tcv says:

    Dear, sir! I must register a complaint for the MOST FOUL TREATMENT I have seen yet!

    How dare you say that #7 from last week’s puzzler is Canyon Bomber. My word! It is the SAME helicopter I have seen this night within Target Fun!

    I protest for I must have my bragging rights afforded to me!


    tcv (Mrs.)

  4. tcv your argument is sound. I went and played through Target Fun and you are correct – it is the same helicopter. You can say with pride you are still the Master of Atari Puzzler 002. Apologies for the oversight and for those playing along at home here is side by side comparison of the helicopters from the two games. Kind of cool…

    Hosted by

  5. @vinvectrix/Atari Adventure Square Enduro…Of course! Looks like some corrosion has occurred on my memory banks. Ha, ha.

    @retroist The Canyon Bomber could totally kick Target Fun’s helicopter tail rotor…at least that is what I heard.

  6. tcv says:

    YAY! :-) I’m honestly okay with it all. I played Canyon Bomber just a couple of times. It’s was reverse Target Fun! :-)

    You could also claim that I _didn’t_ answer successfully because the color scheme is different between the two games.

    I remember that damn helicopter because it was hard to hit! :-)

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