Taco Bell to Offer Classic Atari Games for Mac and PC

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Retroist site member VicSage2005 pointed out in the forum that Taco Bell is offering a new special offer that might appeal to retro gaming fans. Buy a kid’s meal at the Bell and you can get one for free or you can buy each of them individually for ~$1.50 each. Each will work on either Mac or PC so pick up yours as they become available. I had to go to three Taco Bell’s before I found one who would sell them to me, luckily TBs are just about everywhere around here.

The other two I went to said that they will not be out till next week and VicSage2005’s experience seems to confirm this. Remember, just look for a person who looks like they don’t care about working, they are usually the ones who will sell you stuff early.

Thanks VicSage2005 for the heads up.


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