Intellivision’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons “Treasure of Tarmin”

Treasure of Tarmin is different from most games of its era because it had first-person view, giving it a three-dimensional feel. It is a shame that we had the video game crash in 1983, this game came out right before it and showed us a glimpse of the future of console RPG games.

Intellivision ADD Treasure of Tarmin


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3 thoughts on “Intellivision’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons “Treasure of Tarmin”

  1. It is an awesome game to be sure. I hadn’t asked for this title for my birthday, I didn’t even know it was out, but I was jumping up and down when I unwrapped the gift.

    One of the best games for the Intellivision hands down.

  2. tcv says:

    I know this is the original title, but I can’t figure out why I remember it as “Realm of The Minotaur.” Weird.

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