Retroist Access Monday (RAM) – The Bendix G-15

Bendix G-15

Introduced in 1956. the G-15 is sometimes described as the first personal computer, because it had the Intercom interpretive system. The base system, without peripherals, cost $49,500. A working model cost around $60,000. It could also be rented for $1,485 per month.


  • Height: 5 by 3 by 3 ft (1.5m by 1m by 1m)
  • Weight: about 950 lb (450 kg)
  • The G-15 had 180 vacuum tube packs and 300 germanium diodes, it had a total of about 450 tubes.
  • The G-15 could utilize a high-speed paper tape punch for output, punched cards, or a graph plotter. It used magnetic tape storage. It utilized paper tape or punched card input.

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