DEVO Begins Focus Group Testing the Future

These messages from DEVO Inc. are starting to turn into a weekly thing. Which, for a DEVO fan who has been wandering through the DEVO desert for 20 years, is awesome (it actually inspires awe). This week DEVO launches its focus group initiative to help determine their future. So listen to the message from Greg Scholl and then take the DEVO Color Study.

In related DEVO news:
My guess, from what I read in this interview, is that we might see some sweet BLUE (my chosen color) energy dome action:

We’d been getting some reports back that red might not be the safest color for an energy dome. People have been pulled over for impersonating peace officers when they put them on the rear deck of their car. It looked like they were putting patrol lights on their car. So we’d had reports that people were getting stopped for no good reason. Blue just seemed to be a safer color, allow people to focus and be more peaceful.

Duty now for the future!


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