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vextrex shirt

I have been searching for a good deal on a Vectrex for a while now. Long enough that is starting to border on obsession. I spend time each week browsing web auctions and game sites staring at this standalone vector-based beauties. So it was very fitting that twitter pal, Dr. Quest, would send me a link for this amazing Vectrex T-shirt the other evening. It’s as if he was reading my mind. The shirt, as you can see, has a clean almost vector style graphic, printed on blue. It is available on in adult (I think) and toddler size and I just love how the vendor sells it…

If this system were re-released today it would own your kid’s PS3 and Xbox 360 combined! 3D goggles aren’t included, but this shirt is sure to make any geeky parents jealous when your toddler sports it!

Nothing wrong with that.

Vectrex T-shirt [@] Etsy


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