Ram It

After playing this enjoyable little gem by Telesys, my first thought was, why do they call it “Ram It”? You ram nothing in this game. The game does not use that much RAM, nor are there any rams of the animal or weapon in the game. They could have called it just about anything else, and it would have made about as much sense. I would have suggested the more accurate but equally generic “Shoot It”.

I say “Shoot It” because that is exactly what you do in the game, sure you do some dodging, but that is secondary. When the game first loads up, the first thing you will notice is that it looks simple and colorful. You play some sort of ship on a rope that can move up and down in the middle of the screen. Each end of the ship is equipped with a cannon that you will need to fire at the colorful bars on the left and right side of the ship. Shoot them all down to nothing and you clear a level. Sounds pretty easy right?

Well the color bars start to grow and move towards your ship and will eventually lock you in place and end your life. It is like something out a of an MS Excel nightmare I once had — it is attack of the bar graphs! Unlike the bars I am used to, these bars move pretty quickly and at different rates so you have to move rapidly up and down the line firing and shifting that cannon back and fourth. Can you be a “Ram It” master? (That sounds wrong).

It is quite challenging right off the bat. I expected this to be a short gameplay session, followed up by a review. But I found myself playing for over 2 hours, trying to look for a pattern in the rainbow menace and getting more efficient at lining up my shots. “Ram It” is a remarkable game that might lack depth, but makes up for it in simple compelling gameplay. From what I understand the game was pretty rare. That is the only reason I can think of for the game not being more popular. I give the game 4 out 5 stars.

Gameplay Video


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