Shirley Temple in “Kid ‘in’ Africa”


This 1933 short was part of Charles Lamont’s “Baby Burlesk” series and features a pre-fame Shirley Temple. Oh and it is jaw-droppingly racist. When Shirley Temple was a little older she recalled the chase scene in this film and said, “I was being chased by the little black boys who were playing the African natives. The director wanted all the children to fall at one time. I got through on the path and then they put a wire up and tripped all the little black boys at once and, of course, they all fell in a heap, and some of their legs were cut.”


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3 thoughts on “Shirley Temple in “Kid ‘in’ Africa”

  1. No Name Please says:

    I just wish I knew why people are racist. Not just against Black people, but every race. That kind of stuff wouldn’t happen in a perfect world. But sadly we don’t live in a perfect world. But we can’t forget that God doesn’t make mistakes.

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