What happens when you take the excellent Disney franchise and combine it with the video game expertise from the creators of Megaman? Lets find out

From the moment you switch on your NES there will be a cheesy grin plastered on your face. The title screen has a sweet rendition of the DuckTales theme that will have you singing along (just make sure your alone, nobody needs to hear your vocal stylings) with a deep feeling of total nostalgia. Upon starting you are presented with a choice of levels which unlike other games that do this only adds to the gameplay experience. You cant go through every level straight away as you will need to collect the odd key from other levels in order to progress fully but you still get enough of a choice to keep your interest high after multiple deaths. This game isn’t hard at all but there are 3 level settings to make it challenging enough to know your playing a game. You go around the world collecting secret treasure (and money, good old capitalism) and at the end of each level you fight a boss who guards that level’s main treasure. All the gang from the show are here to give you a helping hand and at one point you can actually kill the annoying Huey, Dewey and Louie (well sort of, you ride a mine cart with them in and as you jump to a platform the cart, supposedly with the little brats in, plummets down a gap in the mine shaft… good times) and with that awesome thought revolving around your brain, lets jump in to the nitty gritty.

Gameplay: This game is a platformer but not in the same vein as Mario. Levels are non linear, you can hit things with your cane (when Scrooge McDuck does this he tees up as if he is playing golf) and you can bounce around on enemy’s heads with your cane as a makeshift pogo stick (this is so much fun I wouldn’t even come close to explaining it, when you have gone through a level doing nothing but bouncing you will understand). There are nice little touches added to gameplay, there is a section where it looks like you would be jumping into a crevasse except at the last moment an enemy jumps up which you hit with your pogo stick and on the the next and the next till you reach the other side. There are also parts where you rely on NPC’s to get you through to the next challenge.

Graphics: Are colourful very well drawn. In fact I would go as far to say that, at the point this game came out it had the best graphics out of any NES title of the time maybe the best of any NES game ever released?! You can make out every character and never once do you look at an amorphic blob on the screen trying to decipher what it supposed to represent. The animation is pretty damn good to boot.

Sound: From the intro music you can tell that you are in for a treat sonically (reference to a certain blue hedgehog with a waggly finger notwithstanding). We all know that Capcom can make a pretty jazzy tune but the music in this game is great, surpassing Megamans soundtrack at times, sections like the Moon level theme have become instantly recognisable hits.

To finish off, this game stands up against many replays. Its a rip roaring adventure with enough added extras (like the alternative ending) to keep it fresh and highly playable. I don’t throw around this word very often but this NES title is a classic. Every Nintendo owner should own a copy of this game and maybe even the Gameboy title (which is a fairly accurate port) One of my all time favourites, In fact it was quite hard to pull myself away from solving a mystery or rewriting history (DuckTales, WOOHOO) long enough to write this review and that’s why I give this game the highest accolade I can bestow upon it, a mighty 5 out of 5 stars and also just because I can, another woohoo!

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