The Atari Puzzler

Hidden in this image are 23 reference to Atari games. Can you find them all?

atari puzzle


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13 thoughts on “The Atari Puzzler

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Lets see…..
    Haunted House
    Video Pinball
    Yars Revenge
    …..looks like I’m missing 11. Anyone care to help?

  2. Air-Sea-Battle (Upper right corner)
    Sky Diver (Above Air-Sea-Battle)
    Space Invader (Below Yar’s Revenger)
    Brain Games (Next to the Outlaw and Homerun and under another Breakout)
    Casino (Next to Basketball)
    Hangman (Girl on green blanket)
    Indy 500 (Below Hangman)
    Video Chess? (Behind the two children)
    Maze Craze (Above Hangman)

    That’s all I can manage. I can’t for the life of me place the amusement park or the kids.

  3. vinvectrex says:

    Nice! I couldn’t remember the names of Brain Games – and never would have gotten Hangman.

  4. Pretty sure the umbrella is Breakout and the spaceman is Super Breakout. For the life of me I can’t place the wizard — I know I know it!

  5. I think you are quite right, Dan, about the Spaceman. The wizard is for Brain Games. Still can’t place the kids or the amusement park though…we can’t give up yet though, my friends!

  6. The beach could be from Flag Capture. The P.T. boat looks like it might be from Canyon Bomber.

    Those kids and the amusement park…could the kids be the ‘babies’, Tarra and Torr, from Sword Quest? THAT is a long shot I know. What a delicious puzzle.

  7. OffisaPups says:

    What is that bat looking thing under the beach chair by the sandcastle? Looks like eyes next to it.

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