Tyco Super Blocks

“Hey Sally! Put down those girly Lego and listen to me, Sergeant Tyco! You think your going to grow up and be a man with your colored bricks and your Lego town collection Florist set? Well do you maggot!? You wanna be a real man? Tyco bricks are for real men! Now they might work with your Lego, but believe you me, those Lego will bow down before the ass-kicking awesomeness of the Tyco bricks and they will have you running home to finish your tea party with that stuffed velvet shark you make wear a dress. So go Sally, run home and cry to your Aunt Molly! We will be here playing Tyco Bricks like real men!!”


Garry Vander Voort

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One thought on “Tyco Super Blocks

  1. Ah, the Tyco “clone brand”. Something that gives LEGO purists a headache. But given LEGO’s anti-war stance, the introduction of a military theme was a good idea for Tyco.

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