What’s for Dinner? How about some Chicken Tonight?

While Chicken Tonight only made small waves here in the US, it is still going strong in other countries and we will always have memories of this well made commercial. Chicken Dance footage? Check. Repetitive lyrics sung by people driven near mad by its catchiness? Check.

Ok, roll it.


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3 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner? How about some Chicken Tonight?

  1. When they first released this product in the UK, they used these TV spots. Big mistake. In Britain this kind of commercial goes down like a lead balloon–people just thought it was a cheap and nasty product.

    Then the company realised that they needed a whole different approach for the UK, so they did a whole bunch of new ads. In these new ads, a bunch of British people talked about how rubbish the original ads were, and they mocked the song and the dance! It was *much* more in tune with British sensibilities, and after that the product started to do well!

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