The Hypertext Transfer Protocol Orchestra’s Classical Music for Consoles’ Track 2 – “Double Dragon

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol Orchestra is conducted by The Retroist’s very own PeacHy (Sic), who in his other life is a drum and bass producer from the UK with, as you probably already know, an unhealthy obsession with video games. One day while procrastinating about writing a retro video game review he stumbled over the age old question, “what if old video game music was made by an orchestra?” So with his complicated music creation software which can put 16 oscillations on a single Bass note he sampled different orchestra sections and turned them into the re-envisioned retro video game themes that lay before you and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Orchestra was born. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol Orchestra is an amalgamation of 8-bit and 16-bit video game music fused with the rich symphonic power of an electronic orchestra.

The debut release of the httpO is entitled “Classical Music for Consoles” and this week’s track is called “Double Dragon”. Enjoy.

02. Double Dragon


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