Behind the Counter – “Bubble Yum”

When I saw this ad, the first thing that hit me, is “Behind the Counter” should be the name of a series of E! TV specials about candy. Maybe “Behind the Wrapper” might be better, but I like Counter. Bubble Yum was huge when I was growing up and not a day went by in school when I didn’t sit or step in the sweet smelling goo.

Bubble Yum Ad 1982


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One thought on “Behind the Counter – “Bubble Yum”

  1. I never chewed gum as a child. I didn’t get the concept. I was sort of afraid of it. But my big sister was an amazing bubble blower and she kept me in awe of her skill. She was a big Bubble Yum fan…Hubba Bubba too. I just remember that she let me pop her bubbles with my finger…even if it meant it would get gum on her face. What a sister.

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