Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

Super ghouls ‘n ghosts

The sequel to the Arcade leviathan Ghosts ‘n goblins with the same level of epic difficulty.

For those who have never played Capcom’s seminal ghouls and ghosts game (where the hell have you been hiding?) all joking aside (where have you been hiding!) Let me point out that there is no subtle gameplay to master, no secret hidden moves to polish… In fact thinking about it, on paper this game seems like a half-assed attempt at a bad video game. In practice this could not be further from the truth.

The story Is your stranded Princess (Prin prin) has been captured. Our hero (Arthur – a good knightly name)  must battle through reams of enemies to battle a final boss (Sardius). That said there are a few things that break from tradition here like the fact that in order to reach the true end battle with Sardius you have to complete the game twice (yes twice) and the fact that when you get hit by an enemy just once your armour falls off and you have to continue the game in your underwear, get hit again and it means death for your character (and a shock for your neighbours as you scream profanities at the Super Nintendo and throw your Superadvance controller at the wall).

Gameplay, although incredibly hard, is immensely satisfying, you progress from left to right throwing multitude of weapons (daggers, lances etc. all of which have differnt: trajectorys, power and amount that can be thrown at one time) at all kinds of enemys (ranging from Zombies to stone chickens with mohawks thrusting out of walls). The armour upgrades make your gameplay equally as diverse as with each different set (steel, Bronze, Gold and… I think its moon… which we all know was a commen ore back in medeavel times) your weapons get upgraded with magic which renders previously unuseable weapons useable. higher teirs of armour do give you more hits if you stay still and face the right way but I just keep trying to dodge them regaurdless.

Sound in this game is fair and up to the usual Capcom standard, good and fits the game to a tee

The graphic style is cartoony and humorous. Like the aforementioned running around in your boxer-shorts there is much more comedic value to be found, namely being changed into a baby, seal, hornet or a maiden (depending on your level of armour) for a few seconds by a magician hidden in a treasure chest.

All in all possibly the best jump and run for your hardcore player maybe not so great for a non pro (who will find the double jump that you cannot make changes in direction to, incredibly tricky to master) that’s why I give this game 5 out of 5 stars… and no I cant complete it the second time around, I’ve been trying for 17 years and I still cant do it, but I keep pressing that start button again and again because one day,one day.

Super Ghouls and ghosts Is available via many iterations on most consoles including Virtual console and PSN


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