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Lifesavers are a Hole Lotta Fun

I like Cherry and Pineapple Lifesavers and I love wordplay (hole lotta fun!), but I dislike this style of commercial tremendously. I am not sure why it bothers me so much, but at the same time I cannot look away. Kind of like those Peter Gabriel videos from 1980s. Well […]

Gotcha! The Sport!

Gotcha! the 1985 film was a regular staple on HBO and I can still hear the theme song in my head. I always wanted to play the “Assassin” style game they played in the movie. So I was very excited when Nintendo released “Gotcha! The Sport!” on the NES and […]

The Drinking Bird

When I was young, the principal of my school had those clacking metal balls and the drinking bird on her desk. If I was unlucky enough to be called into her office, she could count on zero of my attention. I found the drinking bird absolutely mesmerizing. I still do […]