Life With Lucy (1986)

In 1984-85, NBC was credited with reviving the unpopular sitcom, as well as the career of a beloved TV legend, with The Cosby Show, and Bill Cosby, respectively. ABC wanted in on that, so they went after another retired TV legend, the biggest TV legend there was: Lucille Ball. In 1986, ABC debuted Life With Lucy, which was not the massive hit it was expected to be. Namely because it was terrible and had a convoluted premise about Lucy living with her kids and her dead husband’s old business partner because everybody was in-laws or something. And in every episode, some sight gag would happen, like a bubble machine going off or a recliner going haywire. But audiences didn’t like seeing a 79-year-old woman in what appears to be clown makeup do alarming physical comedy and it was canceled in three months.

Brian Boone

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4 thoughts on “Life With Lucy (1986)

  1. Brian K. says:

    Awesome. But you failed to mention it also featured Jenny Lewis, who went on to star in THE WIZARD, and front the amazing band Rilo Kiley.

  2. Wow. I forgot this had Gale Gordon in it. I remember watching it, and it was indeed not so good. It’s too bad the ol’ Lucy magic wasn’t there anymore.

  3. Brian Boone says:

    That is indeed the marvelous Jenny Lewis. Gale Gordon was long retired and demanded to be paid for a full season (22 episodes) whether they aired or not. He got paid; he knew it was going to be a turkey.

  4. A sad chapter in Lucille Ball’s life. I remember even before the show aired a lot of people were planning on watching it just to see how bad it was going to be–never a good sign. Some of the worst writing and acting ever.

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