Super Mario Bros. Re-Stik Movable Wall Decals

You hang stuff and cover your walls with the things you enjoy and think, “this looks perfect.” Then someone goes and starts selling something cool like these Re-Stik Movable Wall Decals. They come in several different flavors, but the best of the lot has to be the Super Mario Bros. version. They are durable, colorful, large and officially licensed. So your Mario, will look like Mario. You get 36 pieces when you order the set, so that you can setup your own video game scene on any wall. According to the site:

These graphics are so life like, they’ll make you believe you’re a tiny Italian brother that has to jump over angry mushrooms and save a princess. We’re just kidding, they’re not life like at all. But they do have an uncanny resemblance to the game.

Super Mario Bros. Re-Stik Movable Wall Decals [@] BLIK


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