Lazer Tag vs Photon in the 1986 Sears Wishbook

In the mid-1980s you needed to make an important decision, that would affect the rest of your life. Do you get a Lazer Tag or Photon set. Me I wanted Lazer Tag, but my family thought they were being smart and picked me up a Photon set for Christmas. It made financial sense. With Lazer Tag you had one gun, but when you bought the Photon Target Set you got two guns. Instant fun! Problem was all my friends had Lazer Tag guns. So while I could look pretty awesome playing target practice with two guns by myself. All my friends were out on the streets Lazer Tagging. Eventually I would save up for my own Lazer Tag gun and would play with my Photon guns alone at home.

I always thought that Photon looked like something out of Star Wars while Lazer Tag was pure Star Trek.



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3 thoughts on “Lazer Tag vs Photon in the 1986 Sears Wishbook

  1. Looking at these two I would go for the Photon set but do I have to wear a jumpsuit made out of felt? Sounds like it may be an itchy game of lazer tag?

  2. Fdesalvo says:

    LOL! Nostalgia! My buddies had the Lazer Tag set and even had the rifle. I had the Photon Set, which I thought was nicer, but loved the gun admittedly.

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