James Brolin and Catherine Bach in “White Water Rebels”

white water rebels

This adventure drama ran on CBS on January 8, 1983. The telefilm casts James Brolin as a rebel white water kayaker (yes!). Who illegally runs a river to protest its exploitation by a greedy corporation. Catherine Bach plays a sympathetic freelance photojournalist. Of course this journey down river put them on a collision course with unscrupulous dam developer played by Richard Lynch. The whole thing culminates in a white water chase scene involving bad guys in black boats (it is very “on the nose”) that you have to see to believe. It is dam good fun. (oh I am clever)

If you turned on your TV in early 1983, how could you resist this…


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One thought on “James Brolin and Catherine Bach in “White Water Rebels”

  1. I REMEMBER my whole family watching this flick!!! I was DYING to watch one of my first loves “Daisy” in action drenched in cold water! LOL!

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