He’s the Power Lord

Power Lords – The Extra-Terrestrial Warriors was a science fiction themed action figure line produced by Revell in 1983. Each figure has an action feature where they change into their alter ego. The main character, Adam Power can change into Lord Power by pushing a button to turn his torso around to reveal the Lord Power side. Each figure also included a file card, which provided a brief dossier on the character and demonstrates how to initiate its special feature.

DC Comics would go on to publish a 3-issue Power Lords comic book series beginning in December 1983 and a video game, board game, jigsaw puzzle and coloring book based on the characters were also released that same year.

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4 thoughts on “He’s the Power Lord

  1. I had the winged orange and blue creature (fourth from the left) and brought it to church one Sunday. My mom insisted on embarrassing me by showing it to everyone.

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