Creature Feature Double Feature

This week in keeping with the December theme of Alfred Hitchcock month, I thought I would bring a double feature this week.

This weeks films are 2 movies that if asked who directed them, people might get a answer correct on a guess. These are 2 films that I think lots of people have heard of, but just never watched. The first film is from 1954 and it is called … Dial M for Murder

Ray Milland as tony Wendice
Grace Kelly as Margot Mary Wendice
Robert Cummings as Mark Halliday

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

When a old tennis pro marries a woman for her money and things start to go bad, he plot a way to kill her. But when plan A does not seem to do it, a better plan B is put into action.

Interesting fact about the film:
The 1954 film was shot with M.L. Gunzberg’s Natural Vision 3-D camera rig. This rig was notable for being the same rig that started the 3-D craze of 1953 with Bwana Devil and House of Wax. Intended originally to be shown in dual strip, polaroid 3-D, the film played most theaters flat due to the loss of interest in the 3-D process in conjunction with the time of its release. In February 1980, the dual-strip system was used for the revival of the film in 3-D at the York Theater in San Fransico. This revival did so well that Warner Brothers re-released the film in the single-strip system 3-D version in February 1982.

Our second film is titled … Rope!

James Stewart as Rupert Cadell
Director: Alfred Hitchcock

When two men kill off a classmate they feel is below them, they host a party with the body in the apartment, just to challenge themselves in perfecting the “perfect crime”.

Something to look for when watching this movie:
Alfred is known for making cameos in his films and Rope! is not exception. See if you can find how many times Alfred shows up in the film.


Don’t forget to check out the North by Northwest post for how you can win a DVD copy of North by Northwest, but HURRY, contest ends on December 16th.

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