Buy Only High Quality Hypno-Coins

Of course you have a choice in the type of Hypno-Coins you buy. But for me there is only one Hypno-Coin and that is the high quality Hypno-Coins of the Hypnotic Aids Supply Company. Not only are they high quality they are 18% more hypnotic then those lousy Hypno-Coins from the E-Z Hypno Company. Oh and don’t even get me started about the junk they are peddling over at AAA Hypnotic Associates. When you think of High Quality Hypno-Coins, think of the Hypnotic Aids Supply Company.

hypno coins


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4 thoughts on “Buy Only High Quality Hypno-Coins

  1. I love the old Hypno-Coin ads, I wrote about one earlier this year but it was not quite so detailed and wonderful as this one. That Hypno-Coin looks like a licorice Starlight mint, doesn’t it?

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