Klingon Great Hall Wedding Cake

If you are living a Klingon lifestyle, what better way to celebrate you nuptials then with a wedding cake infused in the shape of the Klingon Great Hall. I am sure this cake is infused with bloodworms and made with raw meat, but I must say it looks delicious. Thanks to the klinqueen for posting it. buy’ ngop!

klingon great hall cake


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4 thoughts on “Klingon Great Hall Wedding Cake

  1. klinqueen says:

    Thank you! That would indeed be my wedding cake. What you don’t see is the Federation shuttlecraft (USS Heisenberg) that is crashed into a pile of cream puffs off to the side, with Troi and Riker hiding behind it, shooting back at the incoming Birds of Prey. Yes, we’re geeks. And met while dressed as Klingons. However, the wedding party was dressed in regular wedding clothes for this event — the cake table was as geeky as we went….except for the processional, which was the “Celebration March” from the end of Star Trek IV!

  2. Johnathan Frencch says:

    (English) and kahless our lord said honor mother and father or i will kill you where you stand
    (Klingon) ‘ej qeylIS maj joH’a’ ja’ta’ quv SoS ‘ej vav joq jIH DIchDaq HoH SoH nuqDaq SoH Qam
    good job on the cake
    have honor on your wedding day

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