Street fighter 2010: The Final Fight

The much anticipated follow up title for the classic Street fighter series, Or so we thought.

Before we get into this review let me fill your head full of pointless information. Street fighter 2010 is made by Capcom, this much is true but in the original Japanese release this is where the similarity’s end. The only reason that this game carries the weight of the SF2 lore is because of ‘play-it-safe’ executives publishing the game outside of Japan decided to change the main character from; Kevin Straker, a cyborg from the galaxy police to Ken the retired martial artist. The entire back story was rewritten which does turn it into a bit of a mishmash (story wise) and turns the comedy up to 11, way more that a badly translated game ever could (read “Somebody set us up the bomb!!!”).

Right, exposition over, lets get onto this.

For those who casually play Nintendo, this is not the game for you. This is a hard core gamers game, no molly codling, no messing about, tricky enemy patterns, hard boss fights, time limits, labyrinthine level design and beat’em’up moves with a level of complexity that is not attempted often in a NES game. If that list excites you then you will love this game. If, like our very own Killscreen256 you prefer your games a little less… challenging, then you will not.

The graphics of Capcom’s walk and fight are pretty nice, each level has its own unique look and the overall game aesthetics are dark and twisted. The controls will take even the seasoned gamer a few moments to become accustomed to as with each direction you push with the D-pad will give you a different punch or kick and because of this if you are getting involved with a mele or using a turbo pad like the NES Advantage or NES Max you will have to hold back on the button bashing in order to change direction or move. This gives this game its need for a definite strategy like, making sure you grab power ups (which will increase your range) and with some of the levels moving of their own accord you need to be constantly moving and only dish out your attacks when needed. The game designers have obviously taken their time with each level as gameplay can change between each level. A nice touch in this game is with the start of every level you will be told who (or what) your target is and once you have defeated this enemy you have a short time to get to a portal in order to progress through the stages (striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that your next leap, will be the leap home.oh boy!). Bosses (as all video game bosses should) have a slight strategy to defeat, this can mean a few deaths before finding the trick to defeating them but as luck would have it Capcom give you unlimited continues (genius). The sound in the game overall is great but there are some levels where the music is a bit bland. In short this game is challenging but rewarding if only the publishers had stuck with the Japanese story line instead of trying their own one (which falls short of greatness). I for one wish this would be re-released with the original story translated and maybe then I would count this game as a classic. As it stands street fighter 2010 is a solid NES title and for all you hardcore retro gamers out there (sorry killscreen256) a must for your collection that is why I am giving this game 4 out of 5 stars.

Gameplay Video


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