Blues Brothers

Blues Brothers

Blues brothers, a seminal film that has it all. Great music, great action, Nuns and the greatest car chase put to celluloid. Making a game of this movie sounds like a walk in the park, there are so many great scenes and characters to draw from and that’s without even thinking of a driving stage! So without any further adieu let me walk you through.

At the title screen you are greeted by a fantastic illustration of Jake and Ellwood with some of the best 8 bit transposition you will hear on the NES, every single song from this game is taken right off the movie’s soundtrack and given some 8 bit magic. Unfortunately for everyone, this is where the review takes a dark turn.

This game is awful and has no other link with the movie at all. Remember in the movie where Jake jumps on the back of a green shark with shades on (oh yea that bit was great, “your gunna need a bigger boat” – Ed)? No? Remember the part of the movie where in order to use an elevator Jake and Elwood have to keep jumping otherwise it will break (sometimes breaking regardless of previous experience)? You don’t? Remember when Elwood kept dying because conkers still in their spiky shells whiz across on some unwritten path right through his head… Ok ok I know you don’t remember any of this because it didn’t happen, this game has no relation to the movie save the name and characters (oh was that Jaws I was thinking of? – Ed).

The controls are unresponsive and tricky, the jump timing is off by about a week, the colour pallet is grey and dowdy and all enemies can kill you yet all you can do is run from them. Playing the game now I will say that the sprite animation is good and are very good caricatures of our heroes… OMG the conkers are now self aware and chasing me! That’s another problem with this game there is no consistency, add that to such a steep learning curve it renders this game unplayable!

NSTC versions of this game are easy to find but if (like me) you own a PAL machine its not very likely you will be able to get a copy of this game as it has been retailing for about £40. If you find this game please for the love of the penguin, sell it and never ever play it! I for one will not be buying another copy of this, but your women. I want to buy your women. The little girl, your daughters… sell them to me. Sell me your children. anything that will stop me ever putting this hideous cartridge any near my NES, that’s why I give this abomination 1 out of 5 stars.

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