Robotix R-1000

When I was a kid one my favorite toys was the Robotix set that I got for Christmas one year. I played with that Robotix R-1000 for about two years. I wore out the gears and shredded the wires. It was a great toy. Now although Robotix has not yet been rebooted, there are enough hobbyists out there to keep the dream alive for us fans. Because of these hobbyists, you can still pick up the refurbished an unused kits at various websites. I just ordered a R-1000 set from Amazon and I cannot wait to start playing. Pick up a set and come on over, we can have kitchen table robot wars.

robotix R-1000


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7 thoughts on “Robotix R-1000

  1. Barbara Johnson says:

    I am married to the man who invented this toy. Loads of it in boxes round the house. I didn’t believe him when he told me what his job was…a toy inventor!

  2. Dave Carr says:

    I “found” the r-1000 in my attic. Unfortunately, I left the batteries in the unit. I cannot figure out how to open it to see if I can replace the batteries. Can anyone help me?

  3. Dave Carr says:

    I got it opened, but there was corrosion. I cleaned it as much as I could with baking soda and set/dry sandpaper, but the places where you plug in the wires are corroded too. Nothing seems to work.

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