A Pigment Of The Imagination. It starts with one Spark.

A Pigment of Imagination is an Etsy store that sells art based on the earlier graphical work of EPCOT Center. The work varies from piece to piece with some being directly related to Epcot, but other being merely inspired. All of them are whimsical and fun, so drop on by and check it out. This Memories Of The Future, EPCOT Center – 24×18 – Original Acrylic Painting is my favorite, so you are welcome to buy it for me.

epcot painting

You can remember it like it was yesterday, the first time your parents took you through the Centorium to find you a Figment plush to take home. The vast openness of Future World was only half of what would become one of the most inspirational experiences of your life. Go back to a time when the future meant something at EPCOT Center. Powerful. Stoic. Timeless. A logo now only seen sparsely inside the Center. Display yours proudly for the world to see.


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