Great Video Game Music: The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin

Over the next few weeks I will be scouring the retro gaming scene for the best video game music.

This game has been ported on a few systems namely the Megadrive/Genesis(1991), Gamegear and the Master System (ick) but the platform I draw your attention to  is the Mega/Sega CD port (1993). Now we all know that this console was terrible because almost all of the games were awful but this is for one reason. Only a handful of publishers  could actually write for the hardware (Ok I will admit the unit had a few hard-wired fatal errors) one game that uses and aspect of the platform correctly is this one. The storage capability’s of the CD format are now well known (now) but back then technology hadn’t caught up. Using recordings of music is defiantly this game’s strong point and this particular track is full of guitar licks/widleywee/screeching. In fact the whole soundtrack is very rocking but this one is my favourites!

To talk about great video game licks/widleywee/screeching or even to disagree with my choice of descriptive words come and join us (and Spiderman himself!*) at the Forum

*Spiderman has not and never will have existed and even if he did he would not frequent our Forum as he would be far too busy fighting crime and having great responsibility for great power (Read: Making really bad movies)


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