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Atari Service Ad

Atari was a force of nature in the early 1980s. So much so that an industry of repair and service centers built up around the systems and computers. If you lived through those heady days, you would never have thought it could disappear. Now all we have are old ads […]

Magnum P.I. Trading Cards

I collected a lot of trading cards in my life and even have some unopened boxes still laying around. One thing I never picked up was Magnum P.I. Trading Cards. You can even pick up a whole box of the cards, so you can relive your glory days of pack […]

Skywalkin’ In the Rain

From ChocolateCakeCity, who launched the recut trailer fad with “Brokeback to the Future” returns to prominence with this fake “making of” George Lucas’ restoration of Singin’ in the Rain. It’s pretty much Singin’ in the Rain with lasers, which sounds pretty good.