Sally John for Mazola Corn Oil

I had no idea who Sally John was when I was a kid and I lived in an area where this ad was probably targeted. I can tell you three things about here. She had awesome hair, she is married to a Yankee and she coats the heck out of everything with Mazola Corn Oil. I agree with her that everything is better when prepared with oil, but does she really need to deep fry her vegetables? Maybe there is something to this corn oil diet, because their kids are tough.

Tommy married the former Sally Simmons on July 13, 1970. They are parents of four children—Tamara, Tommy III, Travis, and Taylor. In 1981, when Travis was two years old, he tragically fell 37 feet from a third-floor window in his family’s New Jersey vacation house, bounced off the fender of a car, swallowed his tongue, then lay in a coma for 17 days. He later made a full recovery.


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