Happy B-Day Asherons Call, the game no one knew about.

It was a cold November 1999, think it was mid month, all I know is there was a game I was about to buy that I had only just heard about a few months before the release that would forever change PC gaming for me. It was something new to me, a massive multi-player online game. I was lucky enough to get in on the beta test for this game and fell in love instantly. Well November 2, 1999 had come and gone and I was craving this game. The beta had shutdown, I was waiting till my next paycheck and stuck reading all the events going on in the game from my friends in emails and message boards. Asheron’s Call was this game and along with it came what was to me the same addiction that Everquest was to pretty much the rest of the world. Asheron’s Call never got as many players as EQ, but I didn’t care. It just meant more loot and less people to fight for it. I played AC up till about 2002 and tried to get back into it in 2005, but World of Warcraft had come out and that was my new addiction.
But Asheron’s Call will always hold a special place in my video game heart. Happy Birthday Asheron’s Call and the world of Dereth.

asherons call

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