Great Video Game Music: Donkey Kong country (Main theme)

Over the next few weeks I will be scouring the retro gaming scene for the best video game music.

Ok I think I’ve filled my quota of Nintendo games with great music for now but before I move on to other platforms I need to mention (the award winning) Donkey Kong country (1894) by Rare on the SNES. When it came out we were all blown away by the amazing graphics and at the time of the bit wars this was the main concern of gamers but lets forget that and the play again and again gameplay for a moment and concentrate on the great music the game had to offer. Rare really pulled out all the stops when they released this game and it shows. Composers Robin Beanland, Eveline Fischer and David Wise really did a great job… and to be honest they had to as Nintendo and Rare took a huge gamble with this game… good for us they did!

this version is short but you can get hold of the CD of all 20 tracks called DK Jamz

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