Burger King Table Service

Burger King Table Service, For When You’re Feeling Fancy

In 1992, Burger King started Burger King Table Service. That’s right, the fast food giant briefly attempted to be a sit-down restaurant. They targeted the evening hours in order to boost nighttime revenue. Those hours being traditionally the slowest fast food day-part. How did they do it?

How did they do it?

They gave you a bowl of popcorn “just to chill with” while you sat down and waited for your food to cook. Then they’d bring it out to you. They also had dinner baskets with classy things like baked potatoes and shrimps. Some places even put out candles.

For some reason, to let the world know they’d classed up, they made ads with the not at all classy Dan Cortese from MTV Sports, which is clearly the inspiration for this ad.

Watch this classic Burger King Table Service commercial

After an internal audit revealed that table service slowed down Burger King’s service so much that they actually lost millions of dollars, the concept was abandoned after just three months.

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