HBO Ad: Once a Week we let the Fraggles Take Over

January 10 @ 7:30 PM i was glued to my friend TV set to watch the premiere of the Fraggles and when I finally got cable at my house, not a week went by without me watching these delightful Henson creations. My favorite is the fraggle who is front and center in this ad, Wembley. Got to love the Fraggle with the Hawaiian Shirt!

fraggle rock ad


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3 thoughts on “HBO Ad: Once a Week we let the Fraggles Take Over

  1. First time I watched the Fraggles in America I was horrified: where was the funny Scottish lighthouse keeper? Why weren’t the Fraggles living in the rock underneath the lighthouse?

    What had happened to my childhood favourite???!!!

    Turned out (I checked it out on Wikipedia) that they refilmed the framing bits of each episode for each country it was sold to.

    I miss the old lighthouse keeper.

  2. Huh – I didn’t know they had different bits for each country!

    My brother and I were there every Monday at 7:30, as well. Watched it without fail. Also used to love You Can’t Do That on Television & Danger Mouse! :)

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