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Disney’s Haunted Halloween

This Halloween Educational Film from 1984 is a classic. With the help of Goofy, students learn about the origins of this fun filled holiday. It has a discussion of superstitions and traditions and features the pumpkin host from “Disney’s Halloween Treat,” and many of the cartoon clips featured in that […]

Friday the 13th (1980)

I enjoy “Friday the 13th”, it is a fun slasher film with a great early 80s vibe. Not much to say about it, that has not been said by a million other people, so instead I will suggest an experiment. Ask people if they have seen the 1980 version of […]

Mr. Potato Head “Trick or Tater”

Enhance you Halloween experience with Haunted potatoes from beyond the grave! Mr. Potato Head is always dressed for the occasion, and this is no exception. Trick or Tater has everything you need for an eerie and active Halloween! He comes with glow-in-the-dark eyes, scary ears, nose, shoes, two arms, fang […]