Garbage Pail Kids’ Costume is Retro Awesome

garbage pail kids costume

In October of 1985, the shelves of the local drug store were lined with boxes like the one pictured here. Kids were climbing over one another looking for the right one, while parents were repeatedly shaking their heads ‘no’. Just what is in these incredibly cheap-looking boxes you ask? Incredibly cheap costumes! Capitalizing on the popular Garbage Pail Kids stickers, Collegeville created a number of Halloween costumes featuring the likeness of some of the characters. The costumes consisted of two pieces: a mask which was secured to the child’s head with a thin elastic band; and a shirt featuring the image from one of the Garbage Pail Kids stickers. Whatever these costumes may lack in terms of style (or effort put forth by the manufacturer), they more than make up for in the ‘coolness-factor’. You can read even more facts about this item here.

Garbage Pail Kids is a series of trading cards produced by the Topps Company, originally released in 1985, and designed to parody the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. Click the image below to visit for an in-depth look at the history of Garbage Pail Kids, including 1000’s of images and detailed product descriptions.


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