The Worst Witch (1986) – Watch it Online

What happens when you mix Tim Curry. Halloween, Magic and Mrs. Garrett from “Facts of Life” together and film it? You get the 1986 Halloween cult classic “The Worst Witch”. Others will tell you to run for zee hills when this movie happens to fall upon your television, but I say stick it out. It is a weird and wacky that will make you fall in love with Charlotte Rae all over again. Just give it a try and play the video below. If you like what you see, click here to play the rest of the movie.

The Worst Witch – Part 1 of 13


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One thought on “The Worst Witch (1986) – Watch it Online

  1. I loved this movie as a kid, I watched it every year. Unfortunately the later TV series just fell flat (for me at least).
    People who watch it now will likely think it’s a bad harry potter ripoff, but it came out a good decade before harry potter was invented, leaving potter as the ripoff artist.

    I rewatched this a year or two ago (for the first time since childhood), and noticed something. The star is feiruza balk, one of the leads in a later witch movie “the craft”.

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