Tom and Jerry’s Greatest Chases – Volume 3 on DVD

Tom and Jerry Greatest Chases

I cannot impress upon everyone how important it is that they familiarize the children around them with classic cartoons. Sure Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network have some super high-quality programming, but do we really want to grow up in a world where children are unfamiliar with “Tom and Jerry”. I have encountered many kids who have no heard of this once popular duo and I find that disgraceful. Especially when you can catch them on channels like Boomerang or pick up the great “best of” series from Warner Bros. “Tom and Jerry’s Greatest Chases“. Now in its 3rd volume, this DVD includes the classics:

1. “Cat Napping”
2. “The Flying Cat”
3. “The Two Mouseketeers”
4. “Smitten Kitten”
5. “Baby Butch”
6. “Designs on Jerry”
7. “The Pecos Pest”
8. “Touche, Pussy Cat!”
9. “The Flying Sorceress”
10. “Blue Cat Blues”
11. “The Night Before Christmas”
12. “The Bowling Alley-Cat”
13. “Fine Feathered Friend”
14. “Puttin’ on the Dog”

It is a great deal for $9.99. So why not order your very own copy from Amazon today.


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