The Terror (1963)

the terror

The Terror was an interesting little low budget gem I watched this morning. It is a typical Roger Corman classic, which means it is decent, despite Corman’s rush job. This is due mainly to the performances of the movie’s two leads – a very old Boris Karloff and a very young Jack Nicholson. The plot is not that important, but here it is: A baron rules over an isolated castle on the Baltic coast, where a Napoleonic officer appears after becoming intrigued by the presence of a mysterious and beautiful woman. Nicholson is great and you can see future star written all over him. Karloff is looking his age in this flick, but is still in every way Nicholson’s equal. Now if the movie was not in the public domain, I might not say you should see it, but since you can stream it off many free sites, why not just put it on in the background and watch for some of the scenes with Jack in them. You will not be disappointed. Watch the Terror for free online at YouTube or Hulu.

This is a really useful movie for people who like to play Six Degrees of Separation. Linking Nicholson to a golden age of horror star is very useful.


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