Gene Roddenberry’s “Genesis II” and “Planet Earth” on DVD

genesis II planet earth

“My name is Dylan Hunt. My story begins the day on which I died.”

If those words sound familiar you are lucky enough to own a copy or caught “Genesis II” on television. Genesis II was the first of three attempts by Roddenberry to create a new science fiction television series following the success of Star Trek. Genesis II aired on CBS on March 23, 1973; although Roddenberry had scripts lined up for a 20-episode first season, CBS declined to pick it up, opting instead for the short-lived Planet of the Apes live-action series. Roddenberry reworked the material into a second pilot, “Planet Earth”, in which John Saxon replaced Cord in the role of Dylan Hunt. Based on network recommendations, this second pilot focused more on action and physical conflict than its predecessor. Though it aired on ABC in 1974, it was also declined. Warner Bros, which owned the rights, reworked Roddenberry’s material yet again for “Strange New World”, also starring Saxon, which aired in 1975. Years later, Robert Hewitt Wolfe would us the name “Dylan Hunt” and many ideas from Roddenberry’s “Genesis II” notes to create Andromeda television series.

I had been looking for a copy of “Genesis II” on Amazon for a while, but all of the copies were by individuals who had raised the price. Yet they all seemed like new copies, a quick search and voila, Warner Bros Archive is selling Genesis II exclusively on their site for a much more reasonable $19.95. So if you are a fan of Roddenberry and 70s SF, pick up a copy today. If you like the concept you can pick up the aforementioned “Planet Earth” at the Warner Bros. store as well for the same price as “Genesis II”.

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