Kold Kool-Aid makes for an Awkward Halloween Treat

Not sure if you can see the note in this ad, but its from mother, who says “If the doorbell rings before I get back, here’s the loot for the trick -n’ treaters.” I am already not thrilled with how she spelled “trick -n treaters”, but that’s not what I really have issue with – it’s mother’s treat selection. Plain donuts? Apples? Jelly Beans? I would not have been able to bring any of these treats in the door when I was a kid. Oh and if someone tried to pour me a glass of anything on Halloween and serve it to me (which would have required me to remove my mask. 4th wall! 4th wall!) I would have run for the hills.

Did you even think about this? Cold drinks on Halloween? With no straws? Its like 46 degrees out and these masks already collect so much drool around my mouth I can feel the chap coming on. Oh I see why. One pitcher costs 5 cents. So its all about the money. Well done Mother – prepare to have your house TP’d. As for Kool-Aid Man, I know you are an innocent in this and I still love you dearly.

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