Pink Panther for Kraft Candy

It might sound odd, but I come from a big caramel family. Everyone in my family just seems to be born with a natural inkling for the stuff. Usually that meant the occasional processed candy bar or decent quality caramel from the mall. The our local supermarket started carrying these Kraft caramels. I would pester my Mom to buy them and should would relent and dole them out slowly, but I thought unbeknownst to her I knew where she hid them and would sneak a couple every once in a while. I found out much later that she knew I was sneaking them, but she was so impressed that I would only eat one, every time I did a sneak run, that she let me do it. Guess she figured kids needed to rebel and that sneaking caramel was a pretty benign form of rebellion. Mothers.

Here is an ad with the Pink Panther selling Caramels and other candies from Kraft. Like these things need someone to sell them. They sell themselves.

pink panther kraft candy


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