The Birds (1963)

I do not find bird all the scary, even after watching this movie for the 80th time I have my doubts about their ability to take me down. I mean c’mon they have hollow bones right? I know that, so my disbelief was not suspended when these guys were breaking windows and such.

I am pretty sure I could start swinging a piece of wood and take down a half dozen per swing. If I had a couple of buddies, I am sure we could take down even a large swarm. We are the people who killed off the Passenger Pigeon and those guys would black out the sky over huge area. Your telling me a localized swarm is terrifying? Now if these birds all had switchblades, it would be a different story. Birds…Pffft. Might as well have made “The Butterflies”.

I’ll say one thing. The promo art is pretty cool.


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