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The Monster Squad (1987)

It has been almost a year since I last saw “The Monster Squad” and I am glad I waited. Its such a joy to watch a movie you like when you were young. I mean who would not like a movie where all of the classic movie monster’s team up […]

It’s Slime Time!

For a brief moment in 1987, Slime Time watches were all the rage. It’s a simple plastic digital watch concealed under a life-size rubber creature – a frog, spider, or cobra head. I had the frog, and people at my school loved to shout the ad’s tagline at me: “what […]

Make Your Own Candy Clown

Nothing screams “It’s a trap!” louder then a clown made of netting hung outside your house on Halloween. So if you want to confuse stupid kids and send smart ones running for zee hills, try hanging a couple of the Candy Clowns around your yard.

Mario and Luigi Wallpaper

James over at NLCast is always brewing up something great. This week he put together two great Mario Bros Wallpaper. One of Mario’s face, one of his handsome brother Luigi and a third terrifying hybrid of both faces that is perfect for widescreen monitors (and not so terrifying – I […]