Hallow’s Eve Cthulhu Plush

cthulhu plush

If you are looking for a toy to cuddle with I can think of nothing more disconcerting then cuddling with a plush version of Cthulhu. Are you afraid of the dark? Cthulhu will make your nightmares manifest and the terrors you feel in the pit of your stomach will be visited upon you tenfold as you embrace his plushy body and feel the tickle of his soft tentacles against your face. Yes the Cthulhu doll will spell certain doom for all those who wish to try to possess it, but you have already beheld the Amazon provided image above and looked deep into his plastic eyes. To have done so is to invite madness, your fate is sealed. So end your pain quickly and allow the warm plush pall of doom to fall over you with the Hallows Eve Cthulhu Plush.

Sorry Mr. Lovecraft


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