House (1986)

Way back in 1985 I went to the movie theater and saw a trailer for this movie:

A few months later I went and saw the film on opening weekend and I have been a “House” fan ever since. Why? Well its got William Katt from “Greatest American Hero” in the lead and he brings an offbeat charm to the role that I find refreshing even today. That’s why! Take that charm and add it to an offbeat story about a haunted house that knows everything about you, add some decent FX, some interesting music and George Wendt and you got a classic. Sadly it is an often overlooked classic (sorta like Katt).

“House” has the charisma, the humor and the horror of say “Evil Dead”, so its confusing to me why people line up to see midnight showing of “Evil Dead”, but many of those same people have not seen “House”. Its time for this film to make that jump to horror classic. So go out and rent it or better yet, get your own copy and share it with your friends.


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