Coming Soon (1982)

coming soon

Halloween Movie Madness III marches on! Today’s movie is the 1982 cult classic horror “documentary” “Coming Soon”. The film is hosted by Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis and is mostly a compilation of highlights from tons of Horror and Sci-Fi trailers from the past. The movie has a heaping helping of schlock from the past with a few newer movies (new at the time) thrown in for good measure. Now I am not sure it was every theatrically released, I remember watching it on HBO or Showtime when I was a kid, but I liked it then and I like it now.

I am not sure why exactly, the whole movie is basically an advertisement for Universal Studios work and it includes an oddly out of place E.T. Vignette, but it is very entertaining. So, I enjoyed it a great deal and would actually like seeing more more advertainment like it in the future.

Coming Soon has still not been released on DVD, but you can still pick it up on VHS. It is totally worth it.


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