The Haunted House of Horror (1969)

Halloween Movie Madness III has started and the first movie on the list was the 1969 British horror film, “The Haunted House of Horror”. The film, which captures the feel of hip late 60s Britain is full of mostly people I had never heard of, except for the American actor in the group, Frankie Avalon. The movies plot has been retold often enough that it will not be a surprise to anyone who has not seen the film. Kids are in a house and started getting picked off. Can they figure out who it is?

I know it was trying to capitalize off youth culture at the time, but with its bright colors and patterns that were popular, eventually the Carnaby Street fashion and culture starts to get distracting. Something about it just seems to clash with the dark setting of a haunted house. See for yourself.

Still its a pretty good movie and has a twist ending with a surprising amount of paint, I mean blood. Still pictures might not do it justice so check out the trailer. If the title at the end is confusing, its because the film was released as “Horror House” in United States.

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